Wines Adventures in the heart of Provence.

Our ambition is that you experience a more compelling intensity than just mere pleasure when sipping on these singularly excellent wines, issued from outstanding winegrowing areas and made using thorough vinification processes ensuring excellent wines.

Our love of wine and hard work has allowed all our winegrowers, winemakers and oenologists to strive for the same goal – produce quality and exceptional wines.

The Gueissard Vineyards were founded on a share passion.

We decided to have a limited production in order to sustainably preserve the vineyards as well as pursuing this philosophy by manually harvesting our grapes. Our wine production ideal is based on traditional know-how and modern techniques.

These values become an inherent part of everyday life, by the simple pleasure of pursuing a fascinating profession which is the basis of the Gueissard Vineyard’s expertise and personal objective to create one of the finest wines in Provence.